Daily we practice living in God’s love to become like Jesus from the inside out together.


Our Vision

The spiritual and social transformation of the city.

Our vision is the ultimate goal, and we believe it is pursued by embracing the whole Gospel with our whole hearts. By loving God and loving people we seek to fully experience and creatively express the eternal life of Jesus. Together, we dare to count the cost and trust Jesus with everything.

What We Do?

We embrace both the beauty and the pain of the city with the love of God through incarnation, reconciliation, restoration, development, compassion, and community.

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Join us on Sundays at 11:00 Am @ 1095 Edison Ave. Akron, OH.

The FPF is full of leaders, pastors, and teachers and seeks to honor all of the gifts present within our community equally. Please get to know our pastoral team below, but they are only one part of the Front Porch Fellowship family.

Duane Crabbs

In 1997, Duane and Lisa Crabbs and their four children moved into the Summit Lake neighborhood.

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Joe Tucker

Joe serves as Executive Director of South Street Ministries, the Christian community development organization that was birthed out of the Front Porch Fellowship.

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Bryson Davis

Bryson works with youth across the region. He is also passionate about issues of justice, race, and culture.

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