All About Front Porch Fellowship!

The Front Porch Fellowship, formerly known as South Street church, began in 1997. While a firefighter in Cuyahoga Falls, God broke Duane’s heart for the Summit Lake community. This led Duane to leaving his job in the Falls to be an Akron firefighter so he could be closer to the people and pain in that neighborhood. After moving to West Akron, Duane came under further conviction to move even closer to the people he felt the Lord calling him to be with. So, they prayed. Four years later, while Lisa was pregnant with their fourth child, they decided to move right into the heart of what was once one of the highest crime and drug saturated neighborhoods in the city. They redeemed a condemned house and made it their own. Soon they were hosting bible studies. This was the start of South Street. From there the church began to meet in a local community center. They called themselves the “Church Without Walls.” They felt that Jesus didn’t use or need a building so why do they? Eventually Duane and Lisa were given a space of their own. That building turned into the community development corporation now known as South Street Ministries ( The Front Porch Fellowship now meets at the Miller Avenue United Church of Christ building and continues to work hand-in-glove with South Sreet Minstries as they seek the social and spiritual trasnformation of the city.
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