Terri Johnson

Terri began worshiping with the FPF in 2013 after years of active membership in a local Methodist church.There she served in the areas of youth discipleship, finance and education. Terri had a B.S. degree from in Business Administration from the Kelley School at Indiana University. She is a Vice President at National Interstate Insurance in Richfield where she has been employed since 2001. The mother of three adult children, Terri resides in the Firestone Park neighborhood.
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Song: Frail by Jars of Clay
Favorite Book: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
Embarrassing Moment: I sometimes faint at the sight of blood. My 2 year old son had a head injury and I fainted in the ER, while holding his 3 month old brother. Luckily, a stranger caught him before he hit the ground.

  • Email: terriiu81@gmail.com
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