Tim Beck

Tim Beck is a Mechanical Engineer by degree and serial entrepreneur as a way of life.He has been part of many business ventures, and his current focus is a subscription software.  He resides in the Kenmore area of Akron with his wife, Noelle.  For 15 years they have poured energy into the First Glance ministry Noelle runs.  Tim likes fishing, kayaking and anything else outdoors.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club
Favorite Song: Kids by MGMT
Favorite Book: The Bible
Embarrassing Moment: A younger cousin just got a motorcycle. While admiring it in a parking lot with my entire large family around, he pushed me to give it a spin. I had never ridden one, but I figured it would not be that hard to figure out. I slowly moved around the parking lot without an problems. Then I had to stop. I’m used to bicycle brakes. I grabbed them way too fast. It catapulted my body over the handle bars and the bike just tipped over. I was so afraid to let go of the handle bars that I was still holding them, with the throttle now high since the flip. Well, they all laughed at how ridiculous I was and that I didn’t just let go of the handle bars. It was quite embarrassing.

  • Email: tim@firstglance.org
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